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The screen printing series "Making Sense" was created in 2014 in conjuntion with Live Art History II, a course I created. The class, conducted over the period of a year, is designed to help students find a personal style by having them practically interpret historical art techniques.

The Inspiration for "Making Sense" was Max Ernst's surrealist collage series "La femme 100 têtes". The source materials for the collage were taken from classic anatomy textbooks as well as from Albrecht Dürer's geometry textbook "Underweysung der Messung mit dem Zirckel und Richtscheyt".

The text segments were derived from famous epigrams. By fragmenting the texts they shift away from their original meaning and invite their own unique interpretations. They were made entirely through extempraneous free association.

When working with Photoshop I deliberately limited to myself to masking, transformations, and solid areas in order to get as close as possible to historical collages. The final product results in a series of six - two-color screen prints, which were produced via dasviadukt.

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